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Simplified Billing & Invoicing

  • Unlimited number of revenue sources, customers, billing types, invoices and locations
  • Generate and print accurate credit memos with detailed billing items
  • Organize pending charges and credits through billing schedules
  • Produce invoices easily with user-defined defaults for each customer profile, revenue source and account codes
  • Integrates with Human Resources for benefits billing
  • Copy recurring billing items from one fiscal year to another
  • Automate recurring billing items and credit memos for timely invoicing
  • Apply adjustments to any open invoices
  • Void and reissue printed and posted invoices
  • Customize invoices and statements with logos, payment terms, instructions and miscellaneous notes

Revenue & Due Payment Processing

  • Single payment may be applied to multiple customer accounts
  • Record and print customer cash receipts
  • Minimize entry of cash receipts by utilizing data created through the invoice procedure
  • Accommodate for partial payments, overpayments, and negative and positive adjustments
  • Automatically post applied credits to the general ledger in Accounting

Tracking & Reporting

  • Complete audit trails of all activities
  • User-defined tables allow for more accurate and efficient tracking and reporting
  • Produce invoices, reminders, statements, aging schedules, customer histories, revenue sources, and location reports, as well as other management information
  • Real-time queries, invoice status and customer balances
  • Facilitates invoice tracking and organization for administrators through billing and collection process