bidBidding is a comprehensive software solution designed to automate the manual bidding process for school districts and municipalities by effectively creating and managing bids from initial setup to the award stage. All awarded bids can be conveniently converted into requisitions or purchase orders with full historical analysis.

Bidding provides a centralized database to easily input bids, maintain vendors, and log bid response activity which complies with legal, regulatory, and report requirements. Bid Administrators have the capability to restrict requestor access and control the types of items they can add to a bid.

Built with the most up-to-date Microsoft development tools written to Windows standards, Bidding has the same look and feel that Windows users are already familiar with.

  • Utilize built-in time saving scenario calculations
  • Reduce bidding workloads
  • Enter data effortlessly with instantaneous records management
  • Achieve greater control of budget development
  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate redundant input efforts between buildings and departments
  • Analyze vendors' bids to determine the most cost effective price
  • Import directly into Microsoft Office
  • Seamless integration with Accounting
  • Fully customizable maintenance tables
  • Unlimited bid categories, sub-categories and items
  • Audit trails of all actions made within Bid to ensure accountability
  • Electronic submission of vendor quotes
  • Customizable layout with resizable windows
  • Spell check capabilities for free-form text entry
  • Smart alerts to prevent users from missing important entries necessary to complete a bid
  • Comprehensive bidding analysis with graphical presentation
  • Build bids easily and efficiently
  • Generate automatic or custom bid number
  • Create an unlimited number of customizable bids with a limitless number of items
  • Add new bid categories and items instantly while creating new bids
  • Import one or multiple items to bid requisitions with the click of a button
  • Illustrate bid details on one easy-to-view window for analysis and reference
  • Assign permissions for an individual requestor to bid on behalf of other staff
  • Automatically evaluate and analyze vendor responses to determine the best vendor or item price
  • Simulate various vendor discounts for comparison
  • Award a bid to vendors other than the lowest bidder
  • Document override reasons for rejected lowest vendor bid
  • Award bid by vendor or item
  • Graphically compare vendor quotes through printable color chart analysis
  • Electronically convert awarded bids into requisitions or purchase orders

Detailed Tracking & History

  • Includes integrated industry-standard report-writer, Crystal Report
  • Detail documentation of the entire bid process through extensive reporting capabilities
  • View multiple lines or focus on one specific line item through flexible reporting
  • Retain historical bidding information from prior years
  • Track potential expenses by account
  • Review vendor participation and response activity

Flexible Reporting

  • Item Bid History Report Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS
  • Bid Items Report
  • Bid Reporting by Requestor
  • Vendor Quote Report
  • Lowest Quote Vendor Report
  • Award Report
  • Award Overrides Report
  • Account Distribution Report
  • And much more...