Human Resources

bigstockphoto_Business_People_Near_Desk_1600784Human Resources is an advanced personnel management system designed to specifically centralize all employee information. It provides immediate access to a wide array of delicate information for employees during and after employment.

This vastly secured module provides all the necessary tools to assist districts and municipalities with meeting the special human resource administration requirements. Human Resources is fully integrated with nVision.

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Customizable user-defined codes and categories
  • Comprehensive position control
  • Position based budgeting capabilities
  • Custom fields with reporting
  • Board Minutes/Agenda creation
  • Email notifications
  • Workflow management with event notification
  • File attachments
  • Sophisticated search and sort capabilities
  • Seamless interface with nVision, eliminating redundant efforts and data entry
  • Streamlines the entire employee recordkeeping process
  • Displays multiple positions, employee types, building/department associated with each employee all on one easy-to-view window
  • Summarizes negotiated contract for each employee which includes appointment earnings, account breakdowns,¬†anniversary dates, FTE, days worked, number of checks, etc.
  • Maintains and tracks current and past appointment information
  • Customizable fiscal year salary letters by individual employee or groups
  • Ability to connect the appointment to the position
  • Tracks fingerprints
  • Maintains and tracks emergency medical information, insurance and COBRA data, and dependents
  • Facilitates scheduling of required medical tests by employee type
  • Provides for multiple retirement membership information
  • Option to automatically create employee deductions for payroll
  • Ability to track pending and completed evaluations and observations to facilitate scheduling and planning
  • Tracks employee tenure and certifications
  • Maintains an historical record of employee educational credits/degrees including PDP requirements
  • Automatically calculates seniority based on days worked, start date, primary tenure or Civil Service area
  • Prints a wide variety of user-selectable reports including evaluations, tenure, seniority lists, and degree and educational information
  • Assign user-defined attendance profiles to employees with specific rules
  • Create attendance banks and track available days as time is donated or taken from the bank
  • Tracks leave benefits, leave taken and other absences through attendance codes
  • Utilizes actual work calendars to enter, display and verify attendance data
  • Automated routines to accrue annual leave data and carry forward attendance balances
  • Globally charge or remove time taken or absences for all or specific employee groups, snow days, emergency closings, conference days, etc.
  • Globally records attendance increments donated to an attendance bank
  • Leave of absence adjustments automatically update seniority records
  • Easily indicate substitute identification in the absence record
  • Extensive array of attendance reports for managing data include multi-faceted attendance analysis, transaction reports, and employee attendance correspondence detailing yearly balances
  • Interfaces with AESOP and SubFinder
  • Simplifies the entry and tracking of Civil Service employees through time, earnings and position
  • Allows retention of Civil Service work history including titles, class and earnings
  • Automates Civil Service record and seniority starting date entry when using position control
  • Generates the New York State required Civil Service Report reflecting wages paid for each Civil Service position


Human Resources Product Sheet