requisitionsnVision Requisitions is an automated solution that facilitates the process of managing purchasing activities. Simple, yet sophisticated, it allows users to easily create requisitions that help expedite the approval process that will transform the way your organization manages purchasing. It provides complete oversight and review of the entire requisition process.

Requisitions adds an additional level of encumbrance to the purchase order - a pre-encumbrance. Although not an actual encumbrance, it illustrates a synopsis of possible future expenditures giving a firm indication of how and where future purchases will impact your budget.

Remote requisitioning provides greater awareness of budget constraints for budgetary control. As a fully integrated module in nVision, Requisitions seamless interaction with Accounting ensures that sufficient appropriations are available before submission of requisitions.

  • Automates the requisitioning and approval processes
  • Utilizes dashboard technology to summarize requisition details
  • Flexible routing rules and exceptions for any request type
  • Approve/disapprove multiple requisitions at a time
  • Catalog of items for users to select to add to the purchase order
  • Integrate seamlessly with Accounting and Bidding
  • Add file attachments and scan documents
  • Create custom fields with reporting capability
  • Enables remote users to review their budget codes, status and histories
  • Create and maintain an item catalog with user-defined categories
  • Add requisition line items
  • Unlimited approval levels with customizable paths for each user
  • Approvers and requestors are notified of requisitions that need attention

Delivering a comprehensive solution for managing the purchasing process with simple and easy to use tools.

  • Place budget information in the hands of requisitioners to provide greater awareness of budget constraints
  • Implement more standardized purchase requisition practices to streamline and manage spending
  • Eliminate overspending by reviewing the accounts used on the requisition and issues an alert if the account lacks a sufficient balance
  • Requestors are not permitted to continue if sufficient funds are not available
  • Help reduce operating costs for processing purchase orders
  • Save time by entering requisitions prior to the next fiscal year
  • Expedite requisitions quicker with remote requisitioning
  • Reduce time spent gathering information to process a purchase order
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts by converting approved requisitions into purchase orders in one easy step
  • Enhance communication and control over purchase requests

Users can easily request items from a catalog with associated vendors, account codes, departments, projects, shipping and other relevant information. The request is then routed for approval through any pre-defined approval path, depending on the characteristics of the requisition. Automated notification to Supervisors and Administrators allow efficient approval or disapproval of requisitions. All approved requisitions can be converted to purchase orders in one easy step. Throughout each step, the system automatically ensures that funds are available thereby eliminating the ability to drive accounts into the negative.

  • Requisitions Report Viewer allows you to click on any report, view a description of that report, and preview a sample of the report contents
  • Real-time reports and queries can be enabled for requestors and approvers to review their account balances, requisition status and account history
  • Reports and queries include Appropriation Status, Account Status, Individual Account Transaction and Requisition Status Listing
  • Custom report builder for all users
  • Preview and print copies of requisitions and purchase orders
  • Export all reports to Microsoft Excel, Word, .PDF, RTF, etc


Requisitions Product Sheet