accountingAccounting is designed specifically to meet the needs of municipalities and school districts by providing the necessary tools to enhance the decision-making process by offering accurate and reliable information to administrators.

Automated features optimize all accounting functions and generate financial documents accurately and efficiently. Accounting offers a flexible and advanced fund-accounting solution with the controls to maintain accounting integrity and balanced entry.

Easily navigate through large amounts of data with SmartGrids and drill down capabilities. Reduce the time you spend trying to analyze information by retrieving data instantly without producing large and cumbersome reports. Organizations can manage and keep track of all accounting activity through sophisticated audit utility. Full integration allows data and transactions from other modules to flow seamlessly into Accounting.

The accounting software features customizable security settings down to the user-level on account code restrictions, approvals for budget transfers, and signature printing - all which gives you complete control of data security. nVision Accounting includes Purchase Orders, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Vendor Maintenance, Appropriations, Cash Receipts, and Budget Accounting.

  • Accounting dashboard displays the real-time budget information and provides key-analytics for greater control
  • Maintains fully-integrated, single-input accounting system: general ledger, accounts payable, budgetary accounting, receipts/revenue, encumbrances/ purchasing, project/grant accounting.
  • All data is entered once and updates all ledgers thereby eliminating duplicate entries.
  • Maintains multiple operating fiscal years/periods concurrently
  • Provides real-time journal entry posting: Unlimited debits and/or credits with double-entry balancing. Unique on-screen totals eliminate out-of balance entries.
  • Track costs by program and project activity across departments by multiple ranges
  • Provides ad-hoc inquiry for all data entry for any user-defined reference and/or date range
  • Generates all financial documents: support multiple check formats, purchase orders, complete account and vendor histories in a wide variety of accounting report formats that comply with the Uniform System of Accounts

  • Streamlines and organizes the entire purchasing process
  • Generate computer or manual purchase orders
  • Easy management of purchase record details
  • Convert requisitions or awarded bids into purchase orders seamlessly
  • Ability to select an item from the Item catalog onto a purchase order for enhances purchasing management
  • Integration with Bid allows you to choose items from an awarded bid to create a purchase order
  • Instantly view POs, both printed and posted on the screen
  • Checks each encumbrance entry against the current remaining balance and issues a warning if the account does not have a sufficient balance
  • Automatically liquidates remaining encumbrances when a purchase order is cancelled or paid in full
  • Ability to easily email copies of POs to vendors
  • Automates Trust & Agency payments to regulatory authorities and Medicare reimbursements to retirees
  • Provides a check register showing all checks issued, vendor and total check amount by vendor and check number
  • Automated check reconciliation processingChoose from multiple payment addresses by check
  • Multiple vendor addresses and types
  • Track vendor items and negotiated prices
  • Flexibility to select more than one 1099 type per check - by individual detail line
  • Line item receiving against a purchase order or on an item by item basis
  • Payments can be made based on shipments recorded by PO number and/or by item
  • Customize check appearance with the Check Layout Designer
  • Easily void and/or void & reissue disbursments either by check number, vendor or schedule selection
  • Quickly lookup and view void & reissue checks through the selection browser to see the original check entry

nVision Accounting offers a wide array of various reports to meet the needs of the accounting department and the business office. Accounting utlizes customizable Smart Grids which give you the option to review data on the screen, or export to Microsoft Word, Excel, .PDF or simply print.

  • Provides all standard reports: Trial balance, revenue status, appropriation status and cash balance for selected funds
  • Produces all required New York State Reports
  • Custom Report Writer gives you the flexibility to design your own reports to meet your needs
  • Run either detail or summary reports and provide users with the ability to define report selection criteria and totaling


Accounting Product Sheet