Negotiations is designed to centralize employee contract salaries for negotiation in one easy-to-use module.  Specifically, it organizes and simplifies the lengthy negotiation process of employees’ salary contracts.  Seamless integration with nVision Budget and Payroll, information is shared to assist in the creation of salary schedules, earnings projections, and budget development.  Its analytic tools support you in every step of the negotiations process.

This powerful tool brings real-time complex contract negotiations straight to your computer gaining more control over salary contracts. Effortlessly create salary matrices to maintain contract salaries and hourly rates for all personnel. With Microsoft Office Excel built into the software, you can easily construct salary schedules with multiple steps/levels for development of numerous contract scenarios for simple comparison. These schedules become the foundation on which employee salary earnings will be based. Once approved, salaries can be moved to Payroll Manager in one easy step.


  • Automated processes reduce the time districts spend manually updating salaries
  • Real-time salary projections with multiple scenarios streamline the negotiating process
  • Integration with Payroll and Budget creates workflow efficiencies
  • Built-in familiar Microsoft® Office Excel tools simplify the input of salary schedules
  • Accurate and reliable results build greater confidence during the negotiation process
  • Solid control over the negotiations process allows the business office to quickly effectuate agreed terms
  • Establish unlimited schedules for contractual, annualized, supplemental, hourly and per diem salaries for each step and level by bargaining unit
  • Build new schedules by copying from one fiscal year to the next
  • Increase/decrease past negotiated salary amounts by a percentage or flat amount
  • Generate future salary projections to produce reports on salary increases for the upcoming fiscal year
  • Identify inconsistent employee details with a validation report
  • Project multiple salary contract scenarios for a single fiscal year and produce reports for comparison
  • Modify individual employee salary projections for non-standard circumstances
  • Update standard days, number of checks, FTE or hourly pay for employee groups on a global basis
  • Project concurrent or split earnings spanning multiple schedules with July or mid-year increment dates
  • Analyze current and future earnings for budget development with specialized reporting
  • Create scattergrams to identify the number of employees and total cost at each step and level within each salary schedule

Negotiations simplifies your budget development process with automated exports of salary details. In one quick step, export full salary projections with full notes to Budget. Once salaries are approved, employee earnings in Payroll can be updated automatically for the following fiscal year. These automated processes reduce the time spent on updating budgets and salaries for individuals and eliminate the need for manual entries.

Several different reporting options are available in Negotiations providing you with the flexibility to preview information, print, export to Microsoft Office Excel or save as a .pdf file. These reports will give your district the added support to develop accurate and reliable salary schedules, projections, and budgets.

Reports include

  • Earning Schedules Report
  • Earnings Projection Report
  • Earnings Scattergram
  • Schedule Comparison
  • Account Breakdown
  • Level Validation Report
  • Earnings Projection Letters


Negotiations Product Sheet