FM Latest Conversion Update

With great pride and a tremendous sense of accomplishment, we are pleased to announce that by the end of May 2020, Finance Manager will have completed the conversion of all 480 of our clients to the nVision platform. This achievement is the culmination of an eight-year process that began back in 2012, when the company first debuted our nVision product. It is important to note that such a monumental task could never have come to fruition without the tireless efforts and dedication of the Finance Manager team as well as our partnerships with the Regional Information Centers.

As the finish line approaches, we take time to reflect on this complex and lengthy process. It presented Finance Manager with a particularly unique challenge--to transition individual customers to nVision and simultaneously maintain our legacy product. To facilitate this effort, there were two distinctly different development teams needed to support each product throughout the transition. With the migration nearing completion, we are now able to transition our legacy programming group to the application development team, streamline our efforts and look toward future growth.

This marks the start of an exciting era for Finance Manager as we focus on launching new products and features within our offerings. nVision provides a state-of-the-art platform that enables us to meet or exceed the needs of our New York State customer base by utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies. Additionally, it also affords Finance Manager tremendous growth potential as we expand our ability to interface and integrate with a multitude of third-party software companies to further offer greater resources to our customers.

Despite the uncertainty of the current situation, the team at Finance Manager is confident in our ability to adapt and expand our capabilities, while supporting our customers and assisting them for future success.